Former NBA President Vows Resistance After Violent Attack During Edo Guber Campaign Event

Benin City, Nigeria – Olumide Osaigbovo Akpata, the former national president of the Nigerian Bar Association, is determined to resist any form of intimidation following a violent attack by University of Benin (UNIBEN) students. The incident occurred as campaigns for the September 21, 2024 Edo State governorship election were set to begin. Akpata, the gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, was targeted in what his supporters believe was an assassination attempt.

A senior official of the Edo State government was implicated by Akpata as the mastermind behind the attack. The assault took place while Akpata was invited for an interactive session by senior staff at the UNIBEN staff club. However, chaos erupted when members of the Students Union Government (SUG) disrupted the event. They expressed displeasure at using students for campaign purposes at the staff club.

The University’s management condemned the violence and initiated an investigation to determine the causes of the incident. Akpata, in a video addressing the situation, refuted claims that his security personnel shot a student, emphasizing that he was the one being attacked. He also highlighted previous events where the PDP candidate was hosted by senior staff without any issues.

The SUG explained their actions as an attempt to confirm the presence of students at the event. Tensions escalated when the staff club’s president declared autonomy from the university, exacerbating the situation. Despite the turmoil, Akpata remained resolute in his commitment to resist any attempts to disrupt the peace in Edo State.

As the situation unfolds, both Akpata and the SUG have presented their accounts of the incident, each pointing fingers at the other for instigating the violence. The DPO of Ugbowo Police Station has been briefed on the matter to ensure a peaceful environment for the students.

The aftermath of the incident underscores the fragile nature of democracy in Nigeria, prompting calls for support to maintain impartial and investigative journalism that is vital for a healthy democracy. Akpata’s courage to confront powerful forces and the SUG’s insistence on student welfare highlight the ongoing challenges facing the nation.

In conclusion, the clash at UNIBEN serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding democratic values and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all citizens, regardless of their political affiliations. The incident sheds light on the complex dynamics at play during election campaigns and the need for accountability and transparency in political processes.