Former Jetstar Pilot Stands Trial for Alleged Double Murder in Remote Australian Valley

Melbourne, Australia – A former Jetstar pilot, Greg Lynn, is currently on trial in the Supreme Court of Victoria for the alleged murder of Russell Hill and Carol Clay. The couple disappeared while camping in the Wonnangatta Valley in Victoria’s Alpine region in March 2020. According to police, Mr. Hill, 74, and Ms. Clay, 73, were victims of foul play during their camping trip.

During the trial, Lynn claimed that Hill had accidentally shot Clay in the head, and in a subsequent struggle between the two men, Hill knifed himself. The prosecution, however, argues that the killings were not accidental. Crown prosecutor Daniel Porceddu suggested that a dispute over the use of Hill’s drone might have triggered the tragic events that led to the couple’s deaths.

Lynn’s defense attorney, Dermot Dann KC, maintains that the deaths were accidental and not caused by his client. The defense argues that Lynn had tried to retrieve his shotgun that Hill had taken from him after a confrontation over loud music. In the ensuing struggle, the gun discharged, fatally hitting Ms. Clay.

The court heard conflicting versions of events, with the prosecution alleging that Hill was likely killed first, and Lynn subsequently tried to cover his tracks by moving the bodies and concealing evidence. Lynn is accused of making efforts to contaminate the crime scene and dispose of forensic evidence.

Throughout the trial, Lynn has maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to two counts of murder. Witnesses have provided insights into the couple’s last days before their disappearance, shedding light on the events leading up to their tragic deaths. The trial is ongoing, with both sides presenting their cases to a jury in the Supreme Court of Victoria.