Find Out Why Cheney is Upset over J6’s Comments

Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, is enraged by the Select Committee’s decision not to recommend criminal charges for former President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice for January 6.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, the committee’s chairman, was asked by a reporter if the committee would issue criminal referrals for the former president or others. According to him, the committee lacks that ability.
“No, we’re going to tell you the truth. ” Thompson said he was sure the Department of Justice will do that if they look at it and feel there’s something that requires additional study.

When questioned again, he replied, “No, that’s not our job.” Thompson stated that the January 6 committee’s role is to examine the facts and circumstances surrounding January 6, find out what caused it, and then offer solutions. This was not what Rep. Cheney and the other committee members wanted to hear.

The January 6th Select Committee did not decide on potential criminal referrals. If criminal negligence occurred, it would be decided at the appropriate time what action would be taken, according to the spokeswoman claimed in a tweet.

However, a committee representative told CNN that the Select Committee has no jurisdiction to punish people but is instead entrusted with investigating the facts surrounding the January 6th violence at the Capitol. The committee is currently focused on communicating our findings to the American people through hearings and a report. All relevant information will be gathered as we present facts, make recommendations, and, if necessary, refer to criminal cases.

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff looked surprised by the statements when he talked to CNN on Monday. Schiff claimed that he hadn’t seen the chairman’s comments. He added that they hadn’t talked about it, so he was unsure if the committee had decided whether to issue a referral or what the referrals may be. Schiff said he assumed they were waiting for that decision to be made once the inquiry was completed. That is, at least, his understanding.

According to Rep. Elaine Luria, they had yet to vote on whether to propose criminal referrals to the Department of Justice. She said it is their job to report illegal behavior to the DOJ if it occurs.

However, Rep. Thompson stated that there will be no official criminal referral and that the Department of Justice must make its own decision.
“It’s a public record.” That record is available to anybody. And if they want to come back after studying it and speak with some of the staff or members who helped write the report, he is sure they will, he added.

Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that he is keeping an eye on the proceedings. Garland guarantees that the prosecutors will watch all the sessions on January 6.

Rep. Cheney, on the other hand, may have more pressing concerns, as her term ends on January 3, 2023. She has verbally stated that she is considering a run for the presidency in 2024.

To make matters worse, in Cheney’s own state, only 26% of Wyoming Republicans viewed her positively, while 73% viewed her negatively.