Father of Serial Killer’s Victim Identified as Former Santa Barbara Resident in 31-Year-Old Cold Case

Riverside, California – Cold case investigators have made a breakthrough in identifying the last remaining unidentified victim of serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson, known as the “Happy Face Killer.” They have linked the victim to a former resident of Santa Barbara, bringing them closer to solving a 31-year-old cold case.

Recent advancements in DNA technology have allowed investigators to make this crucial connection, and they are now seeking the public’s help in identifying the victim. The woman’s body was found in Riverside County in 1992, and Jesperson confessed to killing her, along with seven other women.

Investigators have identified the victim’s father as Alfonso Sandana Gonzales, a former resident of Santa Barbara. They believe the victim may have relatives in the area and are asking for the community’s assistance in bringing closure to the case.

The woman is described as a white female with a fair complexion, aged between 25-35 years old, with brown or dyed blonde hair. She had a distinctive tattoo of two dots on the side of her right thumb. Investigators believe she was a frequent hitchhiker from the Southern California region, possibly from San Bernardino, Riverside, or Los Angeles County.

The Riverside County District Attorney, Mike Hestrin, expressed hope that someone with information about the victim or her family will come forward. The goal is to finally provide closure to the victim’s family after more than three decades of uncertainty.

If you have any information about the victim or her family, you can report it to the Cold Case Hotline at (951) 955-5567 or by emailing coldcaseunit@rivcoda.org. Additional details about the cold case can be found in the Riverside DA’s press release.

The identification of the victim’s father marks a significant development in the cold case, and investigators are hopeful that it will lead to the resolution of the case and bring long-awaited closure to the victim’s family.