Father of Murdered Teen Brianna Ghey Describes Killers as “Pair of Monsters” and Speaks Out About Their Names Being Made Public

Warrington, England – The father of Brianna Ghey, a murdered teenager, expressed his deep grief and anger as her killers were sentenced for the brutal act. Peter Spooner paid tribute to his daughter, describing her as “beautiful and talented”, while also reflecting on the memories they would never get to make. He spoke to Sky News, expressing the “complete and utter horror” he felt due to the brutality of her murder.

Spooner described the killers as “a pair of monsters” and expressed his feelings of hatred towards them for their evil actions. The judge recently named the two teenagers as Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe for the first time, lifting the anonymity order at Manchester Crown Court. Brianna, a 16-year-old transgender teenager, was fatally stabbed in a park in Cheshire, near Warrington.

During the trial, it was revealed that the killers had exchanged messages about killing people and detailed a plan for Brianna’s murder. Additionally, they had drawn up a kill list of four other teenagers. The pair blamed each other for the killing both at the trial and in police interviews. Spooner initially supported the decision to lift reporting restrictions and make the killers’ names public, but later changed his opinion, now believing they should be forgotten about and not spoken of again.

He expressed the ongoing struggle with grief and anger over Brianna’s death, and how the outpouring of love for her in the days following her murder brought some comfort to the family. Spooner revealed that he continues to think about the days they could have had together and regrets not being there to protect her in the park that fateful day.