Fatal Stabbing at USC’s Greek Row: Student Arrested After Deadly Confrontation

Los Angeles – A tragic incident on the University of Southern California campus has left one man dead following a violent altercation late Monday night. The dispute occurred on Greek Row, a neighborhood known for its fraternities and sororities, and has involved a 19-year-old USC student who is now under arrest.

The deceased, identified as 27-year-old Xavier Cerf, was reportedly homeless. He suffered multiple stab wounds and died at the scene, located in the 700 block of West 28th Street near University Avenue. The area, usually bustling with student activities, became a crime scene cordoned off by police tape as investigators worked through the night.

Ivan Gallegos, the USC student, was taken into police custody shortly after the incident. He is alleged to have confronted Cerf, whom he believed was attempting to burglarize vehicles parked along the street. The confrontation escalated quickly, leading to the fatal stabbing in an adjacent alley.

During a briefing with the Police Commission on Tuesday morning, LAPD interim Chief Dominic Choi revealed details about the moments leading up to the incident. According to Choi, Cerf allegedly threatened Gallegos by claiming he possessed a firearm, a claim that precipitated the fatal encounter. Following the stabbing, Cerf attempted to flee but succumbed to his injuries.

Gallegos now faces murder charges and is currently held on a $2 million bail. It remains unclear if he has acquired legal representation or when his preliminary court hearing will take place, as court records have yet to be updated with this information.

The incident has raised concerns among the USC community, particularly among those students who have chosen to stay in their fraternity and sorority houses over the summer break. Despite classes being out of session, the presence of students in the area adds to the complexity and urgency of addressing community safety.

The university has not yet issued a formal statement regarding the incident, but conversations about security measures and support for students in the wake issues like this are expected to intensify. This case highlights the ongoing challenges of maintaining safety in areas closely affiliated with university campuses, particularly in regions that blend residential and student populations.

As the investigation continues, the USC community and the families involved await further details from law enforcement about the circumstances that led to this tragic outcome. Meanwhile, student-led initiatives to enhance safety and vigilance in and around campus areas are gaining momentum, underscoring the profound impact of this event on the local community.