Family’s Heartbreak as Bride is Tragically Pushed to Her Death by Controlling Husband, Uncle Shares Devastation

Edinburgh, Scotland – As Shahid Farouk watched his beloved niece Fawziyah Javed walk down the aisle with her “arrogant” fiancĂ©, little did he know that his loving text advising her to “work on your marriage” would later haunt him. Fawziyah, 31 and pregnant, tragically met her demise after being pushed to her death from Arthur’s Seat by her controlling husband, Kashif Anwar, 29, on September 2, 2021.

Shahid, a grieving uncle from Leeds, is now tormented by the thought of Fawziyah enduring a campaign of abuse before her untimely death. He blames himself, regretting not knowing the extent of the abuse she suffered. An only child raised by a close-knit family, Fawziyah always stood for fairness and justice.

The heartbreaking story unfolds in a Channel 4 documentary series, The Push: Murder on the Cliff, shedding light on the shocking case. Fawziyah, the pride of the family, was doted on by Shahid, who was there for her throughout life’s milestones – from picking her up from school to attending her university graduation. She was the only one in the family to receive a private education, always encouraged by her hardworking mother Yasmin.

Despite Shahid’s disapproval of Fawziyah’s husband, Anwar, their union in December 2020 led to tragedy. Fawziyah’s attempts to document Anwar’s controlling behavior, including threats and physical abuse, went unnoticed until it was too late. Her courageous decision to collect evidence against her husband ultimately led to his conviction for her murder.

As the family continues to grapple with their loss, Yasmin reflects on Fawziyah’s legacy of kindness and generosity. She emphasizes the need to end domestic abuse and victim-blaming, urging others to seek help and support. Anwar’s conviction brings some closure, but the pain of their loss remains a lifelong sentence for the family.

In memory of Fawziyah and her unborn child, the family seeks to raise awareness about domestic violence and the hidden epidemic of women being pushed to their deaths by partners. Through their heartbreaking journey, they hope to prevent similar tragedies and honor Fawziyah’s legacy of love and compassion.