Family Suffers Mold Issues After Home Is Affected by Bury Explosion

Bury, Greater Manchester – A family living several doors down from the site of a massive explosion in February now faces the additional challenge of dealing with mold issues in their home. The blast at a terraced house on Nelson Street not only caused serious injuries to a woman but also resulted in the demolition of three homes.

Walayat Shah, a resident of Nelson Street, had to evacuate his home for weeks following the explosion, only to return and discover mold and dampness problems. Concerned about the health implications of these living conditions, Shah is now working with his insurance provider, Aviva, to address the situation.

Shah believes that the blast caused structural damage to his property, leading to the mold and dampness issues he is now facing. As investigations by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and Greater Manchester Police continue, Shah and his family are left grappling with the aftermath of the explosion.

Despite being four houses away from the blast site, Shah and his family were deeply affected by the incident, having to seek refuge with a neighbor for three weeks during the evacuation. The ordeal not only disrupted their lives but also took a toll on the children, who were preparing for GCSE exams at the time.

Upon returning home, the family was confronted with water seepage and mold-covered rooms, posing a particular concern for Shah’s wife, Shazia Khalil, due to their son’s asthma. Seeking immediate resolution to the issue, Khalil emphasized the urgency of addressing the mold problem to prevent any potential health risks to their son.

Aviva, the insurance provider, has dispatched a representative to assess the issues at Shah’s home and is committed to finding solutions to support the family during this challenging time. As Shah and his family navigate the aftermath of the explosion, the priority remains on restoring their home to a safe and livable condition.