Family Honors 24-Year-Old Killed on Christmas Day Amid Suspected Domestic Violence, Raises Awareness

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – A 24-year-old woman, Shania Shaw, was tragically shot and killed on Christmas Day in what her family believes was a domestic violence incident. Over a hundred of Shaw’s loved ones gathered to honor her memory at a memorial event over the weekend.

During the ceremony, Shania’s mother, Shantell Shaw, expressed the difficulty of accepting her daughter’s passing and the pain of only having memories left behind. Shantell and Shania’s brother, Devin Dozier, led the memorial at Perry Park on Saturday, reflecting on her life and releasing balloons in her name.

Devin Dozier, in disbelief, explained how surreal the situation felt and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to speak on her behalf. Advocates and the family hope to use Shaw’s death as a way to raise awareness about domestic violence, as the person arrested for her murder is thought to be the father of her two young children.

Shantell Shaw, in an earnest plea, urged others not to underestimate the dangers of domestic violence and to seek help if they are in a similar situation. Anyone facing potential domestic violence incidents is encouraged to reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.

In the wake of this tragedy, Shaw’s family and advocates emphasize the importance of raising awareness about the dangers of domestic violence and the need for those in similar situations to seek help. The devastating loss of Shaw has sparked a call to action to shed light on this pervasive issue and prevent future tragedies.