Families Seek Justice Against Tech and Gun Companies Following Robb Elementary School Tragedy

AUSTIN, Texas – Families in Uvalde, Texas, took legal action on the second anniversary of a tragic incident at Robb Elementary School. They filed lawsuits against Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram, and the maker of the video game “Call of Duty.” The families claimed that these companies bear responsibility for the products used by the teenage gunman involved in the shooting.

In addition to these lawsuits, the families also filed legal action against Daniel Defense, the manufacturer of the AR-style rifle used in the May 24, 2022 shooting. The tragedies of this event were remembered by the small Texas community as they mourned the lives lost in one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history.

The lawsuits placed blame on the technology companies for their role in radicalizing or influencing mass shooters. Families of victims in a separate incident in Buffalo, New York, also sued social media companies for similar reasons.

According to the lawsuits, the Uvalde shooter had been exposed to violent content through video games and social media platforms. Despite pushback from the video game industry trade group, the families accused the companies of not doing enough to prevent such tragedies.

In response to the lawsuits, Activision expressed sympathy for the families affected by the shooting, emphasizing that millions of people enjoy video games without resorting to violence. The Entertainment Software Association also defended video games, arguing that there is no proven link between gameplay and violent behavior.

The lawsuits sought damages from the companies involved, accusing them of marketing firearms and harmful content to minors. The families alleged that the shooter had been targeted with aggressive marketing tactics on social media and was able to purchase the rifle online before his 18th birthday.

As the community in Uvalde planned a vigil to honor those lost in the shooting, President Joe Biden sent his condolences to the affected families. The lawsuits against the technology companies and gun manufacturer shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding the influence of media on violent behavior.