Explosion-Like Crash into St. Petersburg Home on NYE Leaves Couple Shocked and Home Destroyed

ST. PETERSBURGH, Fla. – The New Year’s Eve celebrations took a terrifying turn for a St. Peterburg couple when a car crashed into their home, with the couple asleep in their bedroom.

Sound asleep, Rod Kreimeyer and his wife were jolted awake by the deafening crash that tore through their home. Kreimeyer described the sound as akin to an explosion, with the impact causing the room to glow.

Surveillance cameras captured the chaotic scene as a suspected drunk driver turned the peaceful night into a nightmare for the couple. The driver plowed through their home, leaving behind a scene of destruction.

The crash shattered more than just the silence of the night, destroying the couple’s front yard and the structure of their home. Kreimeyer expressed the uncertainty of the situation, wondering how long it would take to repair and who would handle it. Despite the damage, he remained grateful that no one was hurt.

The driver was arrested for DUI charges and drug possession, leaving the couple to pick up the pieces and rebuild their home. The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving, and the devastating impact it can have on innocent bystanders.

In the aftermath of the terrifying ordeal, the couple is left to grapple with the aftermath and consider the next steps for rebuilding their damaged home.