Explosion in Tenkasi District Leaves One Dead, Houses Damaged and Two Arrested for Fake Gold Jewelry Transaction

Tenkasi, India – A tragic incident occurred in Kokkulam, Tenkasi district, as a worker named Satishwaran lost his life due to an explosion that destroyed his home. The blast also caused damage to nearby houses, resulting in injuries to Satishwaran’s wife, Ramalakshmi, who was standing a short distance away. She was quickly taken to the Government Hospital for treatment. Investigations revealed that Satishwaran was employed in a fireworks unit in Tiruthangal near Sivakasi, Virudhunagar district, and was involved in manufacturing and selling crackers from his residence to the local community. Officials including Sankarankoil DSP Sudhir, MLA Raja, RDO Kavita, and local police visited the scene to assess the situation. The case remains under investigation.

In a separate event in Tenkasi district, the Kadayanallur police apprehended two individuals and recovered cash and gold jewelry following a report from Rabees Raja, a jewelry shop owner in Kadayanallur. Raja reported that a man and a woman had visited his shop, selling 78 grams of old gold jewelry and acquiring four grams of jewelry from his store. They received ₹2.55 lakh in cash as payment, only for Raja to later discover that the gold was counterfeit. Upon learning this, Raja filed a complaint with the authorities. Using CCTV footage and mobile phone tracking, the police were able to locate the suspects, Annalakshmi and Srinath, in Somiahpuram, Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar district, leading to their arrest. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

These incidents serve as reminders of the dangers and risks that individuals face in various occupations and business transactions. Authorities continue to conduct inquiries to determine the circumstances surrounding these events and ensure that justice is served. Efforts to prevent such tragedies in the future are underway as officials work to maintain safety and security within the community.