Explosion in Cameroon’s Anglophone region leaves two dead and 20 injured during National Youth Day activities

YAOUNDE, Cameroon – A tragic explosion in the Anglophone region of Northwest Cameroon took the lives of at least two people and left 20 others injured on Sunday. The blast occurred in the town of Nkambe as school children were participating in activities to mark National Youth Day, a significant event celebrated in the country every February 11th.

Many of the victims were schoolchildren who sustained very serious injuries, and health workers have been working tirelessly to provide treatment. According to a security source in the region, the death toll may rise, and security measures have been strengthened to pursue those responsible for the attack.

Authorities have not yet issued an official statement regarding the incident, but separatists in the region had imposed a three-day lockdown in an attempt to disrupt activities. The Anglophone region has been the site of clashes between separatists and government forces since 2017, as the separatists seek to create an independent nation they refer to as “Ambazonia.”

The explosion marks a devastating and tragic turn of events in an already volatile and conflict-ridden region. The impact on the local community, particularly the children who were participating in the National Youth Day activities, is immense. The attack has sparked fear and concern among residents, who are now demanding increased security measures to protect against future incidents. The government will be under pressure to address the concerns of the population and take decisive action to prevent further bloodshed in the region.