Explosion at West Sacramento Apartment Complex Displaces Dozens, Sparking Investigation

WEST SACRAMENTO, California – An explosion shook an apartment complex in West Sacramento on Sunday morning, displacing dozens of residents, according to the West Sacramento Fire Department. Firefighters rushed to the scene on the 500 block of 7th Street after reports of a blast just after 10:30 a.m.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered significant damage indicative of an explosion. Search efforts revealed two individuals with minor injuries, who did not require hospitalization. The incident severely impacted 14 occupied units, leaving 34 people displaced. Furthermore, one of the units was under construction and occupied at the time of the explosion.

To ensure safety, firefighters initiated temporary shoring measures until construction crews could assess the structural integrity of the building. The aftermath of the explosion showcased shattered windows and a section of the wall collapsed. Additionally, firefighters swiftly extinguished a grass fire that broke out.

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation, with residents recounting the harrowing experience. Savina Hernaneez, a resident, described the moment as feeling like a bomb was going off, instilling fear and chaos among those present. Another resident, Monique Andrade, expressed disbelief at the incident, mentioning concerns about a lingering gas smell in the days leading up to the explosion.

West Sacramento Fire Deputy Chief Mark Cullisoa acknowledged the reports of a gas smell and assured that investigations were ongoing. Responders highlighted the rarity of such incidents while emphasizing the swift response put forth to ensure no fatalities occurred.

Emergency responders and utility personnel surveyed the damage, addressing claims from residents attributing the explosion to a malfunctioning water heater. Despite the severity of the damage, minimal injuries were reported, with no individuals requiring hospitalization.

The American Red Cross was called in to provide assistance to the displaced individuals, as questions loomed over the accommodations for those left homeless. Concerns were raised about the lack of resources for affected residents, emphasizing the urgency for support in finding temporary shelter and long-term solutions.

As investigations continued, a fence was erected around the heavily damaged building, signifying the need for security and stability in the area. The community rallied together in the face of adversity, highlighting the resilience and support needed during times of crisis.