Evidence of Marion Gales’ DNA Found at 1990 Crime Scene, Exonerating Dr. Ed Friedland

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Newly released DNA results have shed light on a decades-old mystery surrounding one of Charlotte’s most notorious unsolved murders. The DNA found at the 1990 crime scene where Kim Thomas was killed points to a 61-year-old career criminal named Marion Gales as a potential suspect.

Thomas’ husband, Dr. Ed Friedland, was initially charged with his wife’s death but the charge was later dropped and never refiled. However, a defense attorney now asserts that the newly released DNA evidence exonerates Friedland and points to Gales as the real perpetrator.

The DNA results, released late Sunday, revealed that DNA consistent with Gales was found on several items collected from the crime scene. This includes DNA found on a comb used to collect pubic hair on Thomas’ body and DNA on a rug near the crime scene that matches Gales’.

In response to a court order, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department made these test results public. The results have reignited conversations about responsible investigative procedures and the public’s right to know important information, such as the identity of a potential perpetrator.

Despite the new evidence, questions remain about why Gales was never brought to justice for Thomas’ murder, as he had already been imprisoned for killing another woman. The saga continues to engage the public as the community remains hopeful for justice for Thomas and her family.

The case, which has reverberated through the city for decades, has sparked a renewed push for accountability and answers, as Friedland has suffered immensely as a result of CMPD’s failure to disclose crucial evidence. Gales, meanwhile, is expected to be released from prison in March of 2025, leaving many to wonder what the future holds for this long-standing cold case. As the investigation continues, the public is hopeful that the case will be taken seriously and that justice will finally be served for Kim Thomas.