Emergency Meeting Called After Multiple Tenants Die at Parkview Apartments

ALBANY, N.Y. – An emergency meeting was called for on December 1 by the President of the Parkview Apartments Tenant Association, Diane Deitz, to address concerns about multiple deaths of tenants in the past two weeks. According to Deitz, a total of nine deaths have occurred in a little over two weeks, adding to the distress the residents are facing due to the presence of mold in the building.

During the meeting, residents raised complaints about several issues including rodents, pests, and water access problems that have persisted for over a year. Deitz herself has been in and out of the hospital, and reports that several tenants have shown mold in their blood test results, some of whom have been hospitalized multiple times in the past two months.

A spokesperson for Noelle Affordable Housing Corporation, the owner of Parkview Apartments, responded to the claims, stating that three people had passed away in the same period, all due to natural causes while they were in the hospital at the time of their deaths. The spokesperson added that these deaths were not connected to any issues related to the building.

Parkview Apartments underwent a $16 million renovation in 2016, followed by continued investments from the building’s ownership to ensure optimal operation of the hot water, electrical, and plumbing systems. Reports also mentioned that the building was now managed by the company Wingate since October 1, 2023, after being previously managed by Commercial Residential Management. However, an Attorney At Law, Adriel Col√≥n-Casiano, emphasized the need for a conscious and dedicated landlord for the vulnerable community living in the apartment complex.

In February 2023, pipes froze and burst, causing flooding in the main electrical room and leading to the evacuation of dozens of residents to a nearby hotel. Residents are still worried about potential issues, especially with the onset of cold weather. Wingate assured that they are taking precautions to prevent further water damage or disruptions.

The Albany County Health Department informed that they were not aware of the reported deaths. The spokesperson for Noelle Affordable Housing Corporation confirmed the three deaths on December 21, 2023, reiterating that they were not related to any building issues.

In conclusion, the situation at Parkview Apartments continues to raise concerns and spark questions about the living conditions and safety of the tenants. The ongoing complaints and reported deaths have triggered further scrutiny and calls for accountability from building management and local authorities.