Dramatic Testimony: Inspector Fired Shots at Armed Robber on Busy Hong Kong Street

Hong Kong, China – In a dramatic turn of events, Inspector John Franklin Barnes of the Waterfront Police Station testified in a criminal session that he fired several shots at an armed robber on Des Voeux-road Central on January 2, as reported by the South China Morning Post on March 27, 1963. The suspect, Chan Ngan (37), is facing charges of armed robbery, shooting with intent to murder, and shooting with intent to do grievous bodily harm. On that fateful day, Inspector Barnes heard shots from the direction of Pottinger-street and went out to investigate. He encountered two Chinese men, one armed with a revolver and another carrying a large brown leather bag, sparking a chase involving armed policemen.

The trial took an unexpected turn when Chan unexpectedly pleaded guilty to stealing over $130,000 from the cashier of Wang Kee and Co. The courtroom was filled with police officers who had participated in the chase, including Police Constable Lau Man-cham, who shot and killed one of the robbers. Inspector John Franklin Barnes shared his experience of the pursuit, including firing shots at the armed culprit before losing sight of him in the crowded area.

The details of this trial highlight the dangerous and high-stakes nature of law enforcement, as well as the boldness of criminal actors who engage in armed robbery and violence in public spaces. Inspector Barnes and his fellow officers’ swift actions demonstrate the risks and challenges faced by law enforcement professionals in protecting their communities from such criminal activities.

Ultimately, the trial serves as a reminder of the bravery and determination of law enforcement officers in the face of dangerous situations. Inspector Barnes’ testimony and the guilty plea from the suspect shed light on the intensity of the confrontation and the impact it had on those involved. Such cases underscore the importance of effective law enforcement and the ongoing efforts to ensure public safety in urban areas.