Downtown Fort Worth Hotel Explosion Investigation Concludes No Involvement from Atmos Energy: Fire Department Transitioning Focus Inside Building

FORT WORTH, Texas – An explosion at a downtown Fort Worth hotel on Monday injured 21 people, with one person remaining in critical condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Although no fatalities occurred, the blast caused significant damage to the W.T. Waggoner Building, a nearly 104-year-old 20-story tower.

Atmos Energy, the gas company responsible for the area, stated that their system was not involved in the explosion after completing safety checks and an investigation. Additionally, the National Transportation Safety Board did not object to Atmos’ findings after overseeing the testing.

The Fort Worth Fire Department confirmed that natural gas was likely involved in the incident and that the investigation would now focus on the inside of the structure. The fire investigation unit, along with partner agencies, will continue to lead the ongoing investigation into the cause of the explosion.

In the meantime, officials advised the public to immediately leave the area and call 911 if a natural gas leak is suspected, urging them to contact Atmos Energy’s 24-hour toll-free emergency number. For more information on natural gas home safety, they directed the public to the company’s website.

In summary, an explosion in downtown Fort Worth injured 21 people, with one remaining in critical condition. Atmos Energy has found no indication of their involvement, and the investigation is now focused on the inside of the building, with officials confirming the likely involvement of natural gas.