DNA Evidence From Mask Helps Crack Cold Case Killing in Pennsylvania Home Invasion

PHILADELPHIA, PA – DNA evidence found on a mask allegedly used by a suspect in a 2013 Pennsylvania home invasion and homicide has led to an arrest, authorities announced Wednesday. Thomas Delgado, 50, was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service in Philadelphia on Wednesday, following an arrest warrant issued in December.

Delgado faces charges of homicide, kidnapping, rape, and robbery in connection with the January 18, 2013, death of Joseph Canazaro. Authorities stated that Delgado and another suspect broke into Canazaro’s home, tied up his girlfriend and son, and fled the scene. Canazaro’s girlfriend and son managed to escape and notify 911, but Canazaro was found dead in the garage upon police arrival. The suspects stole money, jewelry, and other items before fleeing the scene in Canazaro’s truck, which was later found at the Quakertown Plaza Shopping Center.

Surveillance video captured the suspects transferring stolen goods from the truck to a Nissan sedan parked at the shopping center. Delgado was arrested based on DNA evidence recovered from a mask found inside Canazaro’s truck. He is expected to appear in court on January 25.

The arrest follows years of investigation into the unsolved case, bringing closure to the victim’s family and the local community. The use of DNA evidence in solving the cold case highlights the advancement of forensic technology in criminal investigations. Authorities commended the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in apprehending the suspect and bringing him to justice.

The arrest of Delgado serves as a reminder that law enforcement continues to pursue justice for victims of unsolved crimes, providing hope for families and communities affected by such tragedies. The use of DNA evidence in this case demonstrates the importance of advancements in forensic science in ensuring accountability for perpetrators of violent crimes.

It is essential to note that this arrest marks the culmination of years of investigative work and collaboration, bringing closure and a sense of justice to the loved ones of the victim. Such developments serve as a testament to the dedication and persistence of law enforcement in pursuing justice for victims and their families.