Details Of New House Probe On Joe Biden’s Administration And Possible Impeachment

The Republican House is set to pass some proposed rules on January 3, including a resolution to establish a subcommittee to investigate “the Weaponization of the Federal Government” during President Joe Biden’s administration.

Kevin McCarthy has used the rules to appease members opposed to his election as Speaker, and the new GOP majority will have to pick a speaker on Tuesday before enacting the rules package. Whether McCarthy will be the Speaker of the House is not clear, especially as a narrow majority won the House and not every Republican is onboard with McCarthy as Speaker.

At least nine Republicans have made it clear that they are still not sold, despite McCarthy’s warning and his concessions to some of their most ardent demands.

McCarthy released a “Dear Colleague” letter to fellow Republicans on Monday, using the rules package as leverage to try to win over those who would not back his campaign for Speaker in Tuesday’s vote. McCarthy’s letter mentioned a probe into the weaponization of the Federal Government.

McCarthy warned his detractors on Friday afternoon that they won’t get a better rules package if they walk away.

When a speaker is elected on Tuesday, the full version of the House rules will be released for a vote. It has been stated that McCarthy’s supporters are getting ready for a second or even third ballot if he does not receive a majority of votes on the first.

On Sunday, Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that they were so serious, “it’s not just a goal, it’s a rule.”  Greene also shared what appeared to be a quote from the rules package about creating the Select Subcommittee on Weaponizing the Federal Government to investigate the extent to which the Biden Administration has violated American constitutional rights.

While the 55-page resolution outlining the rules for the 118th Congress does not expressly mention Biden, it does include a resolution creating a Select Subcommittee on the Weaponizing of the Federal Government under the Judiciary Committee.

The Committee looking into the Biden administration will be “Church-style,” after the Senate select committee led by Senator Frank Church that looked into the intelligence services in 1975. A Church-style Select Committee focused only on exposing the weaponization of government against our population, as McCarthy put it in his letter to Republicans.

On Sunday, Greene, who is on record supporting McCarthy for Speaker, tweeted that the Republican-controlled House could impeach the president.

According to one of Greene’s latest tweets, 2023 will be a great year for impeaching Biden. Greene has been vocal about her desire to impeach  President Joe Biden for some time now; last November, she made her case publicly, saying they have evidence to impeach Biden. At a campaign speech before the midterms, Green said it would be easy to impeach Biden with proof. At the rally, Green stated that if the Republicans took the House, “we will impeach Joe Biden.”