DeSantis Wants The Amount Of Tax Payer Dollars On Woke Programing To Be Disclosed

How much of the public’s money does the state university system of Florida waste on racist propaganda? Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida wants proof of payment. DeSantis is pressuring institutions to disclose how much they spend on “diversity, equality, and inclusion” (DEI) programs and critical race theory (CRT), both of which promote racial division and discrimination.

DeSantis’s press secretary Bryan Griffin released a memo demanding a thorough list of all employees, programs, and campus activities related to DEI and CRT from all Florida College System and State University System institutions by January 13. The government also wants to know how much each item on the list will cost the school, including things like the “total funds spent to support the program” and the percentage of each total that comes from state coffers.

The document goes on to state in preparing the new policy and budget proposals for the 2023 Legislative Session; they must have a thorough grasp of the operating expenditures of state institutions.

CRT uses race to create a “we against them” dynamic among the unknowing people, just as orthodox Marxism uses economic status to generate social conflict between the affluent and poor (bourgeoisie and proletariat). Critical race theory indoctrinates young minds to see the world through a racial prism, in which all white people are viewed as oppressors, and all non-white people are viewed as oppressed, rather than educating them to assess others based on the content of their character.

Meanwhile, poorly termed “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) initiatives carry similar ideas into the workplace and higher education by ignoring achievements based on factors like race and sexual orientation. People who are qualified for a position based on their skills and experience but don’t fit the organization’s aim of being more “diverse” are passed over in favor of individuals who fit the profile the “woke” crowd deems appropriate.

During his first tenure as governor, DeSantis collaborated with state lawmakers to counter the left’s ideological assault in Florida schools. In April of 2022, the state’s Republican governor passed a bill that prohibited teaching cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) in public schools or at government-sponsored events such as in-house workshops. He also signed the “Parental Rights in Education” measure prohibiting classroom education on sexual orientation and gender identity from third grade or lower last year.

A central part of DeSantis’ political and educational agenda is fighting critical race theory, which asserts that racism is embedded in American institutions.

In his inaugural address on Tuesday, DeSantis said that Florida’s school systems must be responsive to parents and students, not partisan interest groups. DeSantis also said that higher education institutions should be committed to academic excellence and pursuing the truth, not imposing trendy ideologies.