DeSantis Defends Traditional Values: A Bold Stance Against Cultural Marxism 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has advocated for legislation to counter progressive organizations’ “woke” movement. DeSantis, in his recent presidential campaign, promised to reverse the spread of cultural Marxism across the country if he were to be elected.

On June 23, during his keynote address to the Republican Faith & Freedom Coalition’s yearly conference, DeSantis voiced his concerns about a left-led cultural revolution.

According to DeSantis, the left is igniting a cultural revolution nationwide. The blaze is still smoldering in classrooms, boardrooms, and capitol buildings. He also said that Americans are being told it’s okay for men to have children.

DeSantis, if elected president, has pledged to lead the charge to extinguish cultural Marxism in the United States, bringing rationality, normalcy and restoring integrity in government.

On June 28, Zhuge Mingyang, a freelance writer, declared that communism had spread to every corner of the globe and that Marxism was the ideological ancestor of communism.

According to Mingyang, the Chinese Communist Party is the region’s dominant representative because of its brutality in repressing its people and destroying moral ideas and faith in God. Its goal in the West is to undermine cultural morality by altering people’s opinions about what it means to be a family and what constitutes ethical behavior. The Western world is baffled by this nonviolent strategy, which many see as a celebration of personal autonomy.

In his speech, DeSantis discussed how gender ideology is being taught to children in schools and how he plans to combat this issue as governor of Florida.

He said that a second-grade educator has no right to suggest that a student may have been born in the incorrect body or that their gender is a matter of personal preference.

Florida has also taken steps to ban puberty suppressants and gender reassignment procedures. DeSantis said that genital mutilation of minors is immoral and has no place in a free society.

DeSantis enacted a package of bills titled “Let Kids Be Kids” in May. SB 254 prohibits minors from receiving sex reassignment treatment. Additionally, HB 1521 would only allow people of the same biological sex to use public and government restrooms.

In March last year, DeSantis signed an education bill prohibiting teaching sexual orientation and gender awareness to children in grades K-3.

LGBTQ groups and some educators voiced opposition to the bill. Disney’s then-CEO Bob Chapek also weighed in on the discussion, with repeated public criticism of the plan. However, Florida’s leaders stood firm. In April, the Florida Board of Education approved applying the law to kindergarten through high school students.

In his speech, DeSantis further stated that the CCP is to blame for the global COVID-19 pandemic since they hid the truth from the public during the first COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan.

In June 2021, DeSantis publicly noted that it was clear the virus leaked out of this lab. Wuhan touted the lab’s scientists’ strong collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Army.

Reports in the media have suggested that the initial three COVID-19 victims were researchers in a Wuhan laboratory studying SARS-like coronaviruses using the gain-of-function technique.

Results from a national poll released by Quinnipiac University on May 24 revealed that DeSantis currently has a slightly higher approval rating among registered voters than President Biden, assuming a presidential runoff between DeSantis and Biden.