Demolition Underway for Building Linked to 1978 Unsolved Murders in Speedway, Indiana

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – The former Burger Chef building, once a fast food restaurant associated with a notorious 1978 murder case, is set to be demolished in Speedway, Indiana. The building, which most recently operated as a pawn shop, is expected to be torn down in the coming weeks.

The Burger Chef location was the site of a tragic incident in 1978 when four young workers were abducted and murdered. The bodies of Jayne Friedt, Daniel Davis, Mark Flemmonds, and Ruth Ellen Shelton were found a few days later in the next county. The case has remained unsolved for 45 years.

According to local news reports, the building’s dark history has made it difficult for businesses to thrive in that location. Despite several attempts at redevelopment, the building has remained vacant since the pawn shop closed in 2016.

The decision to demolish the building and replace it with a dental office has been met with mixed reactions from the community. Some residents and local officials believe that a fresh start is necessary for the area, while others feel that the demolition will not erase the painful memories associated with the site.

The Burger Chef chain, once popular across the country, has been overshadowed by the tragic murders that took place at this particular location. The demolition of the building serves as a symbolic end to a dark chapter in Speedway’s history.

In the coming weeks, the former Burger Chef building in Speedway, Indiana, will be razed, marking the end of a long-standing reminder of the unsolved murders that occurred there in 1978. The town’s decision to demolish the building reflects a desire to move forward from the lingering trauma associated with its dark past.