Democrat AG Reaches Disgusting New Low: Compares Justice Thomas to Django Character

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was recently compared to a house slave character from a film by Quentin Tarantino, and constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley blasted Ellison for the comparison.

Fox News contributor Turley pointed out the hypocrisy in AG Ellison’s newest racist assault on Twitter on Wednesday morning, pointing out that Thomas is the polar opposite of the figure Stephen.

The tweet by Turley referenced an article he wrote titled The Django Syndrome: What the Latest Racist Attacks on Clarence Thomas Say About Our Rage Politics.

The tweet further stated that Thomas has consistently refused to let others dictate how he should think as a judge because of his color, and Keith Ellison has always seen intimidation as a useful political tool. In the past, Ellison claimed the ultra-violent group Antifa was influential in doing what it set out to do: intimidate Republicans and Trump supporters. Django is about righteous rage as an excuse for the most extreme actions.

This week, Ellison attacked Thomas for his vote against affirmative action (6–3). He likened Thomas to the house slave character in Django Unchained, a Western action movie directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in 2012.

Ellison said, “Anyone who has seen the movie Django will look at the character Stephen and see Clarence Thomas.”

While Minnesota Democrats Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Gov. Tim Walz have publicly denounced what they consider racist rhetoric from the other side, Turley pointed out in his article that not a single Democrat expressed concern about the overtly racist attack against Thomas.

Turley also brought up the media’s silence on the current situation and the history of racial attacks against Thomas, which he claimed had been going on since the day he was appointed to the bench in 1991.

According to Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, the media has been relentless in its hostile and one-sided coverage of Thomas. While the media has run glowing pieces heralding the backgrounds of liberal justices, there has been a virtual news blackout on Thomas’ incredible life story, which is one of the most inspirational accounts of overcoming every possible obstacle, Turley added.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Turley said that the deafening silence of prominent leaders in academia, the media, and politics is unacceptable. Even when directly confronted with racist attacks, few people are willing to stand up for Thomas. Untethered by ideals of decency or consistency, Thomas continues to be a figure for the left’s cathartic wrath.

In April, an expert on government compliance told Fox News that the left’s investigations into Thomas’s travel habits and his association with a millionaire Republican donor are pure politics.

Requests for comment from Ellison’s office were ignored.