Deadly Truck Rollover in Southern Illinois Prompts Massive Multi-Agency Response to Ammonia Leak

TEUTOPOLIS, Ill. – A truck rollover on U.S. 40 resulted in a dangerous ammonia leak, prompting a coordinated response from state, federal, and local agencies in Southern Illinois.

The Illinois EPA has provided new details about the evacuation and accident, as representatives from agencies such as the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Office of Homeland Security, Illinois State Police, and Illinois Department of Transportation work alongside local police and fire departments.

According to the Illinois EPA, a semitruck carrying 7,500 gallons of anhydrous ammonia rolled over, leading to an estimated release of 4,000 gallons of the hazardous chemical. The agency continues to address the partially patched leak as it poses a threat to the surrounding area.

Tragically, the incident has resulted in five deaths and multiple injuries, leading to the evacuation of around 500 individuals due to the ammonia leak.

Specific details into the multi-agency response include the deployment of a U.S. EPA Contractor to support air monitoring requests, the closure of Route 40 between Effingham and Montrose by IDOT, and the designation of an evacuation area from Pearle Street in Teutopolis to 2100 North Road, North to I-70, west to Pearle Street. The evacuation is expected to remain in place at least through Sunday morning, with troopers handling check points alongside IDOT.

The situation remains ongoing, and residents are urged to stay updated on the latest developments from official sources.