Deadly Shooting at Cloquet Motel Linked to Meth Use, Police Say

CLOQUET, Minn. – Authorities in Cloquet, Minnesota, have disclosed that a tragic shooting incident that took place at a local Super 8 Motel on January 8th was seemingly random. The shooter, identified as Nicholas Lenius, was reportedly under the influence of methamphetamine during the attack, which resulted in the deaths of two individuals – Patrick Roers and Shellby Trettel.

Roers was found shot in a vehicle in the motel’s parking lot, while Trettel, a clerk at the Super 8, was also a victim of the violent episode. Subsequent to the killings, Lenius tragically took his own life. The Chief of Police, Derek Randall, shared that a thorough investigation was carried out by his team, involving interviews, analysis of cell phone data, and review of toxicology reports from the medical examiner.

Upon scrutinizing the suspect’s electronic devices, investigators found no evidence indicating any prior connection or communication between Lenius and the victims. The toxicology report showed the presence of methamphetamine in Lenius’s bloodstream, hinting at possible impairment at the time of the incident. Additionally, during interviews, it was unveiled that Lenius had reached out to a coworker, making cryptic references to “monsters.”

Chief Randall conveyed his team’s efforts to support the families of the victims during this distressing period, offering sincere condolences to all those affected by the tragedy. The community of Cloquet has been deeply shaken by the senseless violence that transpired at the Super 8 Motel, leaving a lasting impact on residents and loved ones of the deceased. As the investigation progresses, authorities continue to work diligently to uncover any further details surrounding the unfortunate event, striving to bring closure to all those touched by the heartbreaking loss.