Custody: Person of Interest Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Chicago Mother

Chicago police announced on Saturday that a person of interest has been apprehended in connection with the fatal shooting of a mother in the city’s Austin neighborhood in mid-December. Maria Roque was gunned down outside her home on November 13, leaving behind two children, aged 8 and 14. The victim’s brother, Andres Roque, revealed that the alleged gunman’s sibling surrendered to authorities, bringing a small sense of relief to the grieving family.

The suspect is being questioned by detectives, and the police have not released any further details regarding the case. According to Andres Roque, the gunman was Maria’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her 8-year-old daughter. Maria had filed for an order of protection, triggering the shooter’s anger as he faced losing custody of their child. This custody dispute ultimately led to the tragic event that was witnessed by both of Maria’s children.

The Roque family is now focusing on seeking justice for Maria’s death, relieved that the alleged perpetrator is in custody. However, the void left by Maria’s absence continues to weigh heavily on the family. They are determined to ensure that the man responsible for Maria’s death faces the consequences of his actions and that justice is served.

As the family begins the new year, their resolve is stronger than ever as they continue to fight for justice. While they acknowledge that having the suspect in custody brings them a measure of peace, their ultimate goal is to ensure that he remains there and faces the full consequences of his actions. The tragic loss of Maria has left a lasting impact on her loved ones, compelling them to seek closure and justice for her untimely death.

In summary, Chicago police have apprehended a person of interest in connection with the fatal shooting of Maria Roque, a mother of two, who was tragically killed outside her home in November. The alleged gunman, identified as Maria’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her 8-year-old daughter, is now in custody, but the family remains focused on their mission for justice as they continue to grieve and seek closure.