Crews Respond to Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Beaver County, Oklahoma: Update on Situation and Response

BEAVER COUNTY, Oklahoma – After a natural gas pipeline exploded Tuesday night in Beaver County, Oklahoma, the Beaver County Department of Emergency Management has provided further information regarding the incident. The fire was sparked by a rupture in an 8-inch “feeder” pipe leading to a larger main natural gas pipeline, causing an explosion and surrounding fire due to the excess release of pressure and available fuel. Emergency management officials revealed that responding agencies successfully contained the fire in an unpopulated area near Highway 412 and stopped it from spreading to neighboring fields or major roadways. The fire was declared under control by 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, leaving the monitoring of the situation to the pipeline’s operating company, DCP Midstream.

Although remaining fuel for the fire was still burning into Wednesday morning, the flow of natural gas in the area was cut off to minimize the risk of further growth or extension of the fire. Officials reported that, despite a few acres of grass catching fire, the damage was minimal, and there were no reported injuries. They emphasized that the flames from the explosion were contained and that the situation was secure enough for the company to take over monitoring. The contributing factors for the explosion and fire made for a spectacular event, according to officials, but they reassured that the fire and its potential damage were controlled.

According to updates from the Elmwood Fire Department, the explosion occurred at a natural gas compressor station between Elmwood and Logan in Beaver County. The same explosion sent flames high into the night sky, a sight so spectacular it could be seen from miles away. Several fire departments responded to the incident to fight the flames and ensure that it didn’t spread further. As of early Wednesday morning, there had been no further information from the Elmwood Fire Department or other responding officials regarding the extent of the damage or its cause. Further information from area officials as well as the pipeline’s operating company is expected to be released later.