Costa Mesa Man Sentenced to 40 Years to Life for Fatal Shooting of 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos on 55 Freeway

Costa Mesa, California – Marcus Anthony Eriz, a Costa Mesa resident, was sentenced to 40 years to life today for the fatal shooting of 6-year-old Aiden Leos during a road rage incident on the 55 Freeway. Eriz received the sentence from an Orange County judge on Friday following a jury’s conviction in January on charges of second-degree murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle, and firearm-related enhancements.

During the sentencing hearing, Eriz expressed remorse for his actions, apologizing for the tragedy he caused. Despite pleas from his defense attorney for a lesser sentence, the judge handed down the maximum penalty available. The Orange County District Attorney, Todd Spitzer, highlighted the devastating impact of Aiden’s death on his loved ones and the community, emphasizing the senseless nature of the crime.

The incident occurred in May 2021 when Aiden, on his way to kindergarten with his mother on the 55 Freeway, was fatally shot after a road rage altercation. The shooter, Eriz, had discharged a firearm from a Volkswagen Sportswagen following an altercation with Aiden’s mother, resulting in the tragic loss of the young boy’s life.

In addition to Eriz, Wynne Lee, the driver of the Volkswagen, faces charges of accessory after the fact and carrying a concealed weapon. She awaits trial and could potentially face several years in prison if convicted on both counts. Following Aiden’s death, a statewide manhunt led to the arrest of both suspects by California Highway Patrol officers in June 2021.

Eriz’s sentencing serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of road rage and the catastrophic consequences that can result from conflicts on the road. The tragic loss of Aiden underscores the importance of deescalating situations and seeking non-violent resolutions to disputes while driving. As Eriz begins his lengthy prison term, the community reflects on the senseless violence that claimed the life of a young child and impacted countless others.