Concerned officer tells young girl: This is gonna hurt

Deltona, Florida – In a terrifying accident, a 5-year-old girl discovered a hidden shotgun under a bed and accidentally shot herself in the leg. The incident occurred on Saturday morning in Deltona, a city north of downtown Orlando. The Volusia Sheriff’s Office reported that the young girl sustained an accidental gunshot wound and was subsequently rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital for treatment.

Deputies from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene promptly and provided immediate first aid and a tourniquet to the girl’s injured leg. Although she was bleeding, the 5-year-old remained conscious and alert throughout the ordeal. Video footage released by the sheriff’s office captures the interactions between first responders and the injured child. Although most of the video was blurred, the audio reveals the deputies’ urgent commands and compassionate reassurances.

The deputies can be heard asking the whereabouts of the girl and asking to see her injury. A first responder swiftly administers a tourniquet to stem the bleeding while assuring the girl that she will be okay.

Deputy: Get the tourniquet. Get the tourniquet.

Deputy: Push it down hard. Go, go, go, go!
First responder: This is gonna hurt. Okay.
Deputy: This is gonna hurt. Alright?

The medical personnel at Arnold Palmer Hospital acknowledged the fast response and effective use of the tourniquet, noting that these actions likely saved the young girl’s life.

As of yet, no arrests or charges have been made, according to the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. Detectives are reviewing the facts of the case and will present their findings to the State Attorney’s Office for further consideration. The ultimate decision on whether formal charges will be pursued rests with the State Attorney’s Office.

There is no doubt that this incident underscores the significance of the safe storage of firearms and the protection of children. It underlines the need for proper and secure gun storage, especially in households where children are present. The consequences of an accident involving an unsecured firearm can be devastating and potentially fatal, as demonstrated by this unfortunate event. As the investigation continues, authorities will be working to ensure the safety and well-being of the young girl involved.