Comedians Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn Share Fascination with True Crime Throughout Decade of Podcasting

Manchester, England – Two comedians from Manchester, England, have found success by combining their love for true crime and comedy. Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn have been fascinated by the strange and macabre since childhood, leading them to work together on their podcast, All Killa No Filla, for the past 10 years.

Pritchard-McLean, growing up on a farm in Anglesey, was captivated by spooky stories and horror. Meanwhile, Fairburn, raised in Manchester, had Morrs murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady constantly in the headlines in her local paper, sparking her interest in true crime.

Their professional collaboration began after they started to hear each other’s names frequently in the comedy scene. Eventually, they met and recorded their first podcast episode in Fairburn’s back bedroom. Since then, they have released 104 episodes covering everyone from Jack the Ripper to Charles Manson.

While their podcast covers gruesome subjects, the hosts are quick to clarify that it is not a form of hero worship. Instead, they aim to share their mutual interest in serial killers while refraining from romanticizing or glorifying their actions. The pair also carefully select the cases they discuss, avoiding those that hit too close to home or do not sit right with them.

Highlighting their professional milestones, Fairburn and Pritchard-McLean are set to embark on a live UK tour to celebrate 10 years of their podcast. They credit other women in the industry for making room for more female comedians, expressing the importance of women taking up space.

Even as they reflect on their success, the podcast has served as a platform for the pair to discuss personal matters and navigate challenges, including the recent loss of Fairburn’s father.

The podcast has evolved as a documentation of their lives and experiences as they navigated the comedy industry, paving the way for more women in the industry to succeed.