Clifton Man Jailed for Brutal Nightclub Assault Resulting in Serious Injuries

Nottingham, England – A man from Clifton has been sentenced to three years and three months in jail after assaulting a man outside a nightclub in Hucknall. The victim suffered serious injuries, including a fractured nose and broken cheekbone, after being punched and hit with a motorbike helmet by Jack Langford. The attack took place in the early hours of September 5, 2021.

The incident occurred after Langford was ejected from the nightclub and then assaulted the victim, who was sitting on a motorbike outside the venue. Langford punched the man in the face, causing him to fall to the ground, and then threw the motorbike helmet with force at the victim’s face. A doorman at the club intervened, and Langford fled in the direction of the cemetery.

The victim required hospital treatment for his injuries and was left with no memory of the attack. Detective Constable Bethany Sumner of Nottinghamshire Police emphasized the severity of the attack, calling it “extremely unpleasant and completely unprovoked.” She added that “violent behavior like this has no place on our streets and will always be met with a robust response by the force.”

Sumner expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the case, stating, “I’m pleased the judge has now seen fit to put him behind bars for a considerable period of time where he can reflect on his appalling behavior.” Langford continued to deny any involvement in the incident but was found guilty by a jury after a detailed and thorough investigation by detectives led to his identification as the offender.

The victim, whose injuries were extensive, including an orbital fracture and extensive bruising, is now on the road to recovery, and justice has been served in the case of this unprovoked attack.