Cheshire Woman Found Guilty of Murdering Boyfriend by Running Him Over with Fiesta

CHESHIRE, UK – A 23-year-old philosophy student, Alice Wood, has been found guilty of the murder of her boyfriend, Ryan Watson, after a tragic incident in May 2022. Wood used her car as a weapon, running over Watson and dragging him underneath the vehicle near their home in Rode Heath, Cheshire at 11:30 pm. This incident resulted from a heated argument between the couple, leading to tragic consequences.

During her trial at Chester crown court, Wood denied the charges, claiming her boyfriend’s death was an accident. The court heard conflicting testimonies about the events leading up to the fatal incident, including an argument that took place after a party they attended. The prosecution argued that Wood’s actions were a result of her jealousy and alcohol consumption, which ultimately led to Watson’s death.

The chilling CCTV footage revealed the altercation between the couple, as well as the harrowing moment when Wood reversed her car, hitting Watson, a bin, and a bollard, before swerving off the road and hitting him a second time, trapping him underneath the vehicle. Wood, who maintained that she did not realize Watson was under the car, eventually stopped and sought help from nearby residents after realizing the gravity of the situation.

The court also heard emotional statements from Watson’s family and the prosecutors, expressing their devastation and holding Wood accountable for her actions. Judge Michael Leeming further remanded Wood in custody, delivering a grim prognosis that she “may never be released.” Wood’s sentencing is set to take place on 29 January.

This tragic incident serves as a chilling reminder of the consequences of impulsive actions driven by intense emotions, leaving irreparable damage and a profound impact on the lives of those involved.