Chancellor Myles to Rule on Release of Covenant Shooter’s Writings Dispute

Nashville, Tennessee – Chancellor l’Ashea Myles is currently deliberating whether writings by the Covenant School shooter, Audrey Hale, should be made public. The decision hinges on whether releasing these writings could potentially prevent future incidents like the tragic shooting that occurred.

Metro officials have denied public records requests citing ongoing criminal investigations as a reason for withholding the documents. However, petitioners argue that since there are no pending criminal actions, the open investigation exception should not apply.

The writings, found in Hale’s car, are being scrutinized by the Metro Nashville Police Department as they plan to conclude their investigation by July. There is a possibility of a redacted version of the journals being released to the public.

During a hearing, attorneys representing The Covenant School and The Covenant Church spoke against the release of any documents related to the shooting, invoking school security and safety exemptions to protect the privacy of the contents.

Eric Osbourne, the attorney for Covenant School parents, is adamant about keeping all the shooter’s documents sealed, based on arguments related to School Safety Exception, Copyright Law, and Victim Rights Act.

It remains unclear when Chancellor Myles will reach a decision in this case. Meanwhile, a federal lawsuit filed by The Tennessee Star against the FBI for the release of the writings has led to a federal judge ordering the FBI to submit the documents for review.

Authenticity of some of the writings, allegedly from Audrey Hale, has been confirmed through social media photos. This development adds an extra layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions regarding the release of the shooter’s writings.