Chad’s Internal Security Agency Attacked Following Presidential Election Announcement

N’Djamena, Chad – The government of Chad reported a deadly attack on the offices of the country’s internal security agency in the capital of N’Djamena. The incident occurred just hours after the announcement that Chad is scheduled to hold a presidential election on May 6. The government attributed the attack to “elements” of an opposition party, sparking tensions in the region.

According to government officials, a number of individuals lost their lives in the assault on the National State Security Agency (ANSE). The government accused activists from the opposition Socialist Party Without Borders (PSF), led by Yaya Dillo, of carrying out the attack. Despite the tragic event, authorities assured the public that the situation is now “completely under control” and that those responsible for the act have been arrested or are being pursued for prosecution.

The government’s statement did not specify the exact number of casualties resulting from the attack. The recent violence in Chad escalated when a PSF member, Ahmed Torabi, was apprehended for allegedly attempting to assassinate the president of the Supreme Court. However, Dillo dismissed these claims, labeling the allegations as a set-up by the authorities.

In the aftermath of the attack, PSF’s general secretary informed Reuters that the deaths near the security agency occurred when soldiers opened fire on a group of party members. He revealed that Torabi was fatally shot on Tuesday, and his body was left at the agency’s headquarters. When party members and Torabi’s relatives arrived to retrieve his body, soldiers allegedly fired at them, resulting in multiple fatalities.

Following the incident, a heavy military presence was observed around the main office of the PSF, with all access roads to ANSE sealed off. Reports surfaced of sporadic gunshots near the opposition party’s headquarters and internet restrictions in parts of the capital. The security operations in N’Djamena were ongoing, and as tensions continued to rise, military personnel patrolled the streets to maintain order.

The ANSE attack underscored the political turmoil in Chad, where preparations for the upcoming presidential election were already underway. The race is expected to feature opposition figure Yaya Dillo and Chad’s transitional President Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno, who are both vying for the highest office in the country. The upcoming election holds significant weight as Chad grapples with the aftermath of the former president’s death and the promise of a transition to a democratically elected government.