Capitol Police Hero Endorsed by Nancy Pelosi in Maryland Congressional Race

Annapolis, Maryland – Former Speaker of the House and current U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi has officially endorsed Harry Dunn, a former Capitol Police Officer, in his bid for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District seat. Pelosi, a Democrat from California, commended Dunn’s courageous actions during the violent insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Dunn, who has served as a U.S. Capitol Police officer for 15 years and resides in Montgomery County, has emerged as a leading Democratic candidate in a crowded field of 21 opponents. Among his competitors are established lawmakers like state Sen. Sarah Elfreth and state Sen. Clarence Lam. Despite facing criticism for not residing within the district he seeks to represent, Dunn, a Baltimore native, has garnered significant support and momentum in his campaign.

Since entering the race earlier this year, Dunn has demonstrated strong fundraising capabilities, raising $3.7 million and outspending his opponents by a significant margin. His commitment to serving the people of Maryland’s 3rd District has resonated with voters and earned him the endorsement of Pelosi, who expressed confidence in his ability to deliver results for the community.

In response to concerns about his residency, Dunn has emphasized his deep connections to the district, citing family ties and community involvement. He has pledged to potentially relocate if elected, underscoring his dedication to representing the interests of the constituents he aims to serve.

Pelosi’s endorsement of Dunn signifies a significant boost to his campaign, highlighting their shared commitment to advancing progressive policies and addressing the pressing challenges facing Maryland. Dunn, inspired by Pelosi’s leadership, has reaffirmed his determination to champion working families, protect democracy, and forge a brighter future for all Marylanders.

As the primary election approaches on May 14, and the general election later in the year, Dunn’s candidacy continues to draw attention and support, positioning him as a formidable contender in the race for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District seat.