British War Prisoner Returns to Ukraine to Deliver Medical Supplies, Not Fight


Aiden Aslin, a British fighter who was once held as a prisoner of war in Russia and sentenced to death, has returned to the frontline in Ukraine. Despite his past experiences, Aslin insists that he is in war-torn Avdivvka to deliver medical supplies rather than participate in the fighting.

Sharing footage from the frontline, Aslin’s social media posts captured the sound of shellfire in the background as he announced his presence in Avdivvka, a city heavily affected by the war. His return to the frontline has sparked mixed reactions, with Russian sources expressing discontent with his decision to return, even in a non-combat role.

Aslin’s harrowing experience includes being captured by Russian forces in April 2022 while fighting as a Ukrainian Marine in Mariupol. He was subsequently sentenced to death and used in propaganda footage by Russian-backed forces. Despite this, he was later freed and returned home, only to make the decision to return to the warzone to provide vital medical supplies to the survivors in Avdivvka.

In addition to delivering supplies, Aslin used his social media posts to highlight the widespread destruction caused by the conflict, calling attention to the plight of civilians in cities like Avdivvka, Bakhmut, and Mariupol. He also praised Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky for his courageous visits to the war zone.

Despite his previous promise to his fiancĂ©e that he wouldn’t return to soldiering, Aslin’s commitment to supporting the civilians in Ukraine has seen him return to the frontline. His actions underscore his dedication to aiding those affected by the ongoing conflict, despite the personal risk involved.

Following months of imprisonment and uncertainty, Aslin’s return to the frontline signals his unwavering determination to support the Ukrainian people and provide much-needed assistance in the face of ongoing hostilities.