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Dayton, Ohio – A local media group has announced plans to expand its television station. Cox Media Group Television, located in Dayton, plans to add a new division to its existing network. The expansion is expected to create numerous job opportunities, providing an exciting prospect for job seekers in the area.

The move comes as part of Cox Media Group’s efforts to grow its presence in the region and provide more comprehensive coverage of local news and events. This expansion will allow the media group to better serve the community and offer a wider range of programming to its viewers.

In addition to the expansion, Cox Media Group is also looking to fill various positions within the new division. Job seekers are encouraged to visit the company’s website to learn more about career opportunities and the application process.

With the upcoming changes, Cox Media Group is committed to maintaining high standards of visitor agreement and privacy policy. The media group aims to ensure that its viewers have the best experience and understand their options regarding ad choices.

The expansion of Cox Media Group Television in Dayton, Ohio, is set to create new job opportunities and provide enhanced programming for the local community. Those interested in potential careers with the media group are encouraged to explore the available opportunities on the company’s website. By adhering to visitor agreement and privacy policy, Cox Media Group aims to continue providing quality content and services to its viewers.