Brazilian YouTuber Henrique Medeiros Found Dead in Neighbor’s Shallow Grave, Suspect on the Run

SAO PAULO, Brazil – The body of 26-year-old Brazilian YouTuber Henrique Medeiros, also known as Carlos Henrique Pires Medeiros, was discovered in a shallow grave at the back of a residence on Saturday, December 30, five days after he went missing. Medeiros was reported missing on December 25 after he disappeared following a dinner with a neighbor/friend on Christmas Eve.

The YouTuber had left a message on his family’s WhatsApp group before he vanished, expressing holiday greetings and making a joke about borrowing money. His family revealed on social media that Medeiros had changed his plans last minute to have dinner with a neighbor/friend instead of joining his family on Christmas Eve.

Concerns arose when Medeiros did not have any contact with his family on Christmas day, and after a five-day search, his body was found buried in a shallow grave at the home where he was last spotted. Police are now in search of the neighbor and friend who had seen Medeiros at his home on Christmas Eve.

A manhunt is currently underway for a suspected killer after Medeiros was found dead in a makeshift grave at the neighbor’s residence near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The suspect, who reportedly spent Christmas Eve having dinner with the YouTuber, was interviewed by a local TV station after Medeiros’ initial disappearance. The ‘friend’ reportedly vanished after the body was found, leading the police to consider him a suspect in the case.

Medeiros was a Brazilian social media influencer known for pranking his friends, family, and neighbors on YouTube. He had amassed over two million followers through his content. While the motive for the murder remains unclear, Brazilian media had initially speculated that Medeiros’ disappearance could be related to his content where he filmed himself pranking his neighbors. However, his family clarified that his neighbors had consented to the pranks before they were filmed.

As the investigation into the case continues, Medeiros’ family confirmed his identity after his body was found in a shallow grave at the neighbor’s residence.