Brazen Robbery of FedEx Truck Caught on Camera

SAN DIEGO, CA — Authorities in San Diego are on the hunt for four suspects who carried out a daring robbery of a FedEx truck in broad daylight on Thursday. The incident occurred around 5 p.m. in the San Miguel Ranch neighborhood and was captured on a Ring camera.

The footage shows the suspects pulling up beside the FedEx truck and brandishing what appears to be a weapon at the delivery driver. They swiftly proceeded to raid the vehicle and make off with packages. The owner of the truck, who is a contractor for FedEx and chose to remain anonymous, described the incident as a well-coordinated operation, with the suspects working seamlessly as a team.

Donning grey hoodies and masks, the suspects established an assembly line inside the truck, efficiently passing packages to each other. The owner revealed that their actions were accompanied by urgent commands and a level of familiarity that suggested they were experienced in such crimes. Within less than a minute, the culprits made their escape.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a blue BMW cruising through nearby streets, raising suspicions of potential involvement. One resident, who wished to remain unidentified, recounted shouting to the suspects when she noticed the commotion outside, warning them that they were being captured on camera. The confrontation allegedly startled the perpetrators, leading to a chaotic exchange before they fled the scene.

Thankfully, the FedEx driver emerged unharmed. However, authorities noted an increase in crimes targeting delivery drivers and are investigating whether the incident is linked to another similar robbery that occurred in San Diego on the same day. With thefts of packages left at front doors becoming increasingly prevalent, law enforcement advises residents to remain vigilant about delivery times or consider alternative drop-off locations.

As police intensified their efforts to apprehend the suspects, the FedEx truck owner expressed a desire for justice to be served. Meanwhile, the investigation continues to shed light on the growing dangers faced by hardworking delivery personnel in the area.