Boulder King Soopers Shooting Trial Delayed Again as Judge Approves Three-Week Extension

Boulder, Colorado – The man accused of the tragic shooting at a local King Soopers store, resulting in the deaths of 10 individuals back in March 2021, was declared sane on the day of the incident, revealed prosecutors in court on Tuesday. This determination is anticipated to play a significant role in Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa’s impending criminal trial, with prosecutors relying on this crucial detail while defense attorneys aim to cast doubt on the evaluation conducted by state mental health experts.

Alissa, aged 25, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, with his defense asserting that untreated and severe schizophrenia, including hallucinations and psychosis, were key factors leading to the tragic events at the grocery store. The families of the victims have expressed their frustration over the prolonged delays in the trial proceedings, urging the judge to proceed with the trial without further postponement.

Initially found incompetent to stand trial, it took two years for a judge to determine Alissa’s competency, setting a trial date for August before the defense requested a postponement to March 2025 at a recent hearing. The victims’ families, understandably weary from the delays, stressed the impact of the postponements on their healing process and called for a swift resolution to the trial.

Despite the defense team’s request for an eight-month delay, the judge granted a three-week extension, setting the trial to commence on September 9, 2024. Alissa, clad in a distinctive orange and white jumpsuit, listened attentively during the proceedings, his mental state under scrutiny after being hospitalized at a mental health facility and undergoing forced medication for schizophrenia.

Both sides have indicated bringing in outside experts to challenge or affirm the finding of Alissa’s sanity on the day of the incident, with prosecutors emphasizing the need to present a compelling case to establish Alissa’s mental state during the tragic events. Authorities recounted the events of March 22, 2021, when Alissa brought firearms to the grocery store, resulting in multiple casualties, including a responding police officer who was fatally shot.

The delays in the trial have been attributed to the defense team’s claims of Alissa’s incompetence to stand trial, a factor that has strained the patience of the victims’ families awaiting closure. Erika Mahoney, daughter of one of the victims, shared her relief at the prospect of the trial concluding within the year, despite the emotional challenge of facing the alleged shooter in court. The impending trial is poised to shed light on the tragic events that rocked the community, offering a sense of closure to the families of the victims who have endured the prolonged legal proceedings.