Biker Gang Attack: Ian Ziering’s Co-Star Shares Details of Shocking Incident of Assault on Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, California – Beverly Hills 90210 actor Ian Ziering found himself in a bizarre altercation with a group of bikers on Hollywood Boulevard over the weekend. The 59-year-old actor was driving when his vehicle was struck by one of several small motorized mini bikes. When he got out of his vehicle to check the damage, he was accosted by several bikers in the middle of the street, which was captured on video by onlookers.

Ziering managed to fend off the group relatively unscathed, and now his co-star Brian Austin Green, 50, is speaking out about the incident. Green praised Ziering’s ability to handle the situation calmly and effectively, emphasizing the importance of not resorting to violence in similar circumstances and expressing relief that Ziering and his 10-year-old daughter, who was in the car at the time, were unharmed.

In a statement on Instagram, Ziering shared details of the incident, expressing concern about the boldness of such groups disrupting public safety and calling for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior. He emphasized the need for law enforcement to take decisive action and highlighted the larger issue of hooliganism on the streets.

The actor concluded by expressing gratitude for the support of his family, friends, and fans during the challenging time, stressing the importance of community strength and unity in such moments and wishing everyone a happy new year. Ziering shares custody of his daughters with his ex-wife Erin Ludwig, and the former couple finalized their divorce in 2022.

Ultimately, the unsettling confrontation highlights the need for a stronger response from the authorities to maintain public safety and peace, as individuals like Ziering continue to advocate for standing up against intimidation and misconduct. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of personal and community safety in the face of such challenges.