Biden Vows to Veto Bill Safeguarding Women’s Sports

The H.R. 734 law, which attempts to safeguard female sports from transgender athletes, is scheduled to receive a veto from the president, according to an announcement by the Biden administration. Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) filed H.R. 734, popularly known as “The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act,” and it will likely be put to the vote in the House this week.

The legislation aims to eliminate natural males from competing in female-dominated sports. H.R. 734 will amend Title IX to acknowledge sex as “based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth.”

This change is being brought about through the introduction of the bill. The House Education and Workforce Committee has already adopted the bill, with a vote of 24 in favor and 17 against.

The Biden administration handled the issue by concentrating on elementary school students who, according to the argument, would not have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills if the measure were to become law.

They said politicians should not impose uniform rules forcing coaches to bench young players. The statement warned that transgender young people already face a national mental health crisis and that approving such a bill would add to the discrimination they face.

The administration has also accused Republicans in Congress of putting discriminatory policies against children ahead of more pressing issues, such as increasing teacher pay, preventing the spread of firearms in schools, resolving the mental health crisis among our young people, and assisting students in recovering from unprecedented disruptions to their education. But the statement didn’t address the problems female athletes confront when males compete alongside them, something that has never been done before because of the biological advantages men have.

Under the Biden administration, the Department of Education (DOE) has brought forward a new Title IX rule that would make it illegal for schools to have policies prohibiting transgender students from participating on sports teams that depict their gender identity. H.R. 734 is a direct challenge to this rule.

There is a comment period on the law right now.

In a press statement dated April 6, Republican North Carolina representative Virginia Foxx, who also happens to be the House Committee on Education and the Workforce chairwoman, voiced her opposition to the DOE’s proposed regulation.

According to her, the proposed regulation is a perverse reading of Title IX since it disregards the inherent disparities between males and females. On Tuesday, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona testified before the House Appropriations Committee in defense of the department’s proposed new Title IX rule.

Secretary of Education Cardona dodged Rep. Andrew Clyde’s (R-Ga.) inquiry of “What is a woman?” Former NFL player and current Utah representative Burgess Owens (R) warns that permitting biological men to compete in women’s sports has far-reaching consequences. Owens played for the New York Jets and noted that many young women today rely on athletic scholarships to fund their further education.