Biden Family’s Foreign Paydays Exposed – Millions More Than You Thought

Republican Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina asserted on Monday that the funds received by the Biden family from foreign companies were significantly higher than what had been publicly reported. She cited undisclosed suspicious activity reports as the basis for her claims.

Mace said that while she can’t divulge the specifics of the suspicious activity reports, she had personally reviewed some that strongly suggest the Biden family received payments exceeding $ 50 million. Speaking with guest host Cheryl Casone on “Cavuto Coast to Coast,” Mace expanded that it wasn’t limited to just Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, his brother. Even grandchildren have reportedly received money from sources like communist China.

In a recent development, the House Oversight Committee made public bank records on Wednesday that indicated Hunter Biden had received multimillion-dollar payments from Russian oligarch Elena Baturina. Baturina was formerly married to Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov until his passing in 2019. The committee identified approximately $20 million in payments directed toward the Biden family.

Responding to these matters, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Weiss as a special counsel to examine allegations related to Hunter Biden. This move came after an earlier plea bargain announced on June 20 fell through, subsequent to questions raised by United States District Judge Maryellen Noreika during a July 26 hearing regarding both the initial deal and a subsequent modified version. Hunter Biden had pled not guilty to all charges.

Mace also used the opportunity to defend fellow Republicans for not hastily pursuing the impeachment of President Joe Biden. She criticized Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi for turning the impeachment process into a political spectacle. Mace emphasized that she didn’t want this to be perceived as mere retaliation. She said her aim is for the Republicans to approach this thoughtfully and deliberatively and to present the American people with the unadulterated truth.

She continued, “We have to be seen better than Nancy Pelosi, we have to be seen as better than the left, because I want the American people to know and trust what we’re putting forward and not think this is political. It shouldn’t be political; it should be about the evidence.”

During a House Oversight Committee hearing on July 19, Gary Shapley and his colleague Joseph Zeigler, who are whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service, provided testimony regarding attempts to hinder the investigation into Hunter Biden.