Arrested: Colorado Springs Mother Accused of Murdering 2 Children Found in the UK

Colorado Springs, CO: A woman accused of murdering her two children was arrested in the United Kingdom on Saturday, according to police reports.

Kimberlee Singler, 35, was taken into custody after being suspected of killing her 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son and attempting to take the life of her 11-year-old daughter on Dec. 19. Initially responding to a reported burglary, police discovered the bodies of the children, as well as Singler and her injured 11-year-old daughter. Subsequently, Singler and her daughter were treated for their injuries, which police determined were not related to the initial report of a burglary.

The Colorado Springs Police Department had been searching for Singler after she went missing following the investigation into the homicides and alleged burglaries. A $10 million bond was set by the court for her, and police said officers are working alongside multiple law enforcement agencies in the ongoing investigation.

During this distressing time in Colorado Springs, the tragic events shed light on an ongoing legal dispute between Singler and her ex-husband over parenting time and other issues, according to court filings. Court hearings had been scheduled for next month.

Reports from the Associated Press also noted that Singler’s injuries were minor, according to a CSPD spokesperson. She was last seen in Colorado Springs on Dec. 24 and was not under surveillance. Authorities suspected that she had already disappeared by the time they obtained a warrant for her arrest on Tuesday.

The deaths of the two children have shaken the local community, and the investigation remains ongoing. No further details were provided by law enforcement officials regarding the ongoing legal dispute over parenting time.