Arrested: 10-Year-Old Charged with Murder After Fatal Shooting in Sacramento County

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — A tragic incident unfolded in Sacramento County as a 10-year-old boy was arrested on a murder charge for allegedly shooting another 10-year-old who later died. The horrifying incident occurred on Saturday evening, prompting a swift response from authorities.

Law enforcement officials responded to a call at 4:30 p.m. local time and found an unresponsive juvenile who had sustained severe injuries and was bleeding from his head and neck. Despite efforts to save the young victim, he was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. The alleged perpetrator, also 10 years old, had reportedly taken a gun from his father’s vehicle and then proceeded to shoot the victim before fleeing to a nearby apartment.

Following the incident, authorities detained two juveniles and an adult, later identified as Arkete Davis, 53. The 10-year-old suspect was arrested and taken to the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility where he was charged with murder. Additionally, Davis, the father of the suspect, was also arrested and faces several felony firearms charges.

The devastating event raises questions about the accessibility of firearms and the importance of ensuring proper storage and safety measures, especially in households with children. The tragic loss of life serves as a harsh reminder of the devastating consequences that can arise when firearms are not securely kept out of the reach of minors.

The 10-year-old suspect and his father are now in custody, facing serious charges related to the incident. The community and authorities continue to grapple with the pain and implications of this heartbreaking event.