Angel Mom Reacts to Releasing of Migrants After Brutal NYPD Attack: ‘Worst Thing Done’

New York City, United States – An Angel Mom has expressed her frustration with the lenient treatment of illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes after several migrants who attacked New York City police officers were released without bail. Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in a drunk driving incident, believes that the surge of illegal immigration will lead to more brazen crimes like the one against the NYPD officers. She warns that criminals know they can commit crimes in the United States without being held accountable, and that releasing them only encourages further criminal behavior. She made these comments on “Fox & Friends First” on Monday.

According to law enforcement sources, four of the charged migrants may have left the city for California on a bus. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has faced criticism for releasing the suspects without bail. He has stated that charges will be presented against the migrants who participated in the “heinous” mob attack against the officers, and that every person who assaulted a police officer in the attack will be held accountable.

Mendoza criticized the release of the suspects, stating it was the worst thing Bragg could have done. She also expressed her belief that America needs to wake up to the risks of open-border policies, and that the federal government must take action to close the border in order to prevent the situation from worsening. She emphasized the need for elected officials to prioritize the protection of American citizens and to uphold the Constitution.

The Angel Mom also warned that these types of crimes occur more frequently than people realize, but are not always covered by the media. She urged Americans to take the threats more seriously, and to recognize the consequences of allowing illegal criminals to go unpunished. Mendoza believes that until government officials prioritize the protection of American citizens and fulfill their duties, the situation will only continue to worsen.

In light of these developments, Mendoza’s comments highlight the ongoing debate surrounding the treatment of illegal immigrants who commit crimes and the impact of immigration policies on public safety. The challenges of balancing compassion for immigrants with the need to uphold the law and protect citizens are at the forefront of this issue. Mendoza’s insights shed light on the real-life consequences of these policies and the urgent need for action to address them. Her perspective serves as a reminder of the complex and pressing issues surrounding immigration and law enforcement.