Alleged Serial Killer Arrested in Los Angeles After Targeting Homeless Men as They Slept

Los Angeles, California – Police have apprehended a suspect accused of killing three homeless men as they slept in different areas of the city. The man, identified as Jerrid Joseph Powell, was also arrested for the murder of another victim in his garage during a ‘follow-home’ robbery. Authorities believe Powell is responsible for a total of four murders, including the killing of Nicholas Simbolon, a father of two, in San Dimas.

Authorities had been searching for the alleged gunman behind the murders and suspected the same person was responsible for all four deaths, which occurred over a four-day period. All of the victims were men who were sleeping in open areas, such as alleys or sidewalks. Los Angeles Police Department Chief, Michel Moore, described one of the murders as ‘brutal’ and ‘ruthless.’

The suspect, identified as a 33-year-old Los Angeles resident, was linked to the murders after his vehicle was identified in Beverly Hills. Police conducted a traffic stop and recovered the gun used in the murders, leading to Powell’s arrest. Law enforcement officials believe the use of controversial license plate reader systems was crucial in identifying the suspicious vehicle and making the arrest.

Authorities lauded the swift work of the police and sheriff’s departments in apprehending the suspect. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass commended the effort and emphasized the importance of addressing the threat facing the unhoused community. The LAPD Chief mentioned the importance of the investigation and the goal of putting the suspect away.

The suspect, Powell, has been described as a convicted felon with ‘violence in his background.’ While further details of his past convictions were not shared, the next objective is to ensure he is brought to justice for the crimes he is accused of committing. Authorities are yet to establish a motive for the killings.

In conclusion, the apprehension of the suspect brings relief to the community and highlights the collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies in addressing the threat posed by the series of murders. The focus now shifts to ensuring that the justice system holds the accused accountable for his alleged actions.