Alabaman Man and Brother Sentenced to Life in Murder-for-Hire Case, Family Expresses Fury

ENTERPRISE, Ala. – An Alabama man has been sentenced for his role in the murder of his ex-wife, sparking emotional reactions from his family members during the sentencing. Jason Starr, 50, and his brother Darrin Starr were convicted of the 2017 murder of Sara Starr and were sentenced to life in prison by a federal judge. According to local news reports, the judge also ordered Jason to pay a fine of $25,000.

The brothers were found guilty of conspiring to kill Sara, a 38-year-old teacher and mother of four, because Jason did not want to pay her the money she was awarded by the court in their divorce. Jason hired his brother to carry out the murder, providing him with a motorcycle worth about $2,600 as payment. Sara was killed by two gunshots as she left her house on her way to work.

During the sentencing, one of Jason’s daughters expressed her anger towards him, saying, “I hope you rot,” while another daughter told him, “You are useless.” The emotional impact of the murder was also addressed by acting U.S. Attorney Johnathan S. Ross, who stated that the Starr brothers had caused harm that rippled throughout the community.

The sentencing of the Starr brothers came after being found guilty of murder-for-hire by a jury. There is no possibility of parole in the federal court system. In conclusion, the family’s emotional statements, the details of the murder, and the sentencing outcomes provide a glimpse into the tragic events surrounding Sara Starr’s murder and the consequences faced by the perpetrators.