Alabama Judge Left in Serious Condition After Convict Son Shoots Him During Heated Argument

Montgomery, Alabama – A tense altercation ensued between an Alabama judge and his convict son on Saturday, resulting in the judge being left in serious condition after being shot. Khalfani Hardwick, the judge’s son, allegedly opened fire on his father, Judge Johnny Hardwick, who presides over Montgomery County’s Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. The incident took place inside their Montgomery home in the afternoon, according to the county sheriff’s office.

The motive behind the “domestic incident” remains unclear, but authorities quickly identified Khalfani Hardwick as the suspect. Hardwick, who had evaded prison time for a murder committed a decade ago, fled the scene in a truck before eventually being apprehended. His capture occurred only 45 minutes later, approximately one mile away from where he abandoned the vehicle.

Following the shooting, Judge Johnny Hardwick underwent surgery for the serious injuries sustained from the gun wound. Despite being taken into custody as a suspect, Khalfani Hardwick has not yet faced criminal charges. His history of violence, including a previous fatal shooting in 2014, adds a concerning layer to the situation.

In 2014, Khalfani Hardwick admitted to fatally shooting another man, Clayton Riley, striking a deal that reduced his charge from attempted murder to second-degree assault. Remarkably, he was spared prison time for this crime, despite his father’s prominent judicial position.

Judge Hardwick, who has served in the 15th Judicial Circuit since 2001 and held a leadership role in the Alabama Association of Circuit Court Judges, is now grappling with the aftermath of the shooting incident involving his own son. The details surrounding the attack, including the number of shots fired and the exact circumstances leading to the violence, remain undisclosed as the investigation unfolds.